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Get your zen on with the new wall-mounted newIcon Trash Can by Brabantia. This 0.8 US gallon style icon, which comes in White, Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, Matt Black, or elegant Platinum, makes your bathroom (or toilet) an oasis of calm and chic. And it even helps manage waste outside your walls, as Brabantia donates to The Ocean Cleanup for every newIcon Trash Can sold.

Hang loose    
The wall-mounted Brabantia newIcon Trash Can is your best bathroom buddy. It has a plastic inner bucket and is corrosion-resistant, robust, and odor-proof. Because it is hanging on the wall, it’s extra easy to clean your floor. And of course it’s easy to take off its wall bracket for thorough cleaning. The beautiful 0.8 US gallon wall-mounted newIcon Trash Can is available in White, Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, Matt Black, and Platinum.

Happy family
The wall-mounted newIcon Trash Can is part of the newIcon family; Brabantia’s best value trash cans yet. And they are very sustainable too! Did you know all newIcons are made of 40% high-grade recycled materials? After use, 98% of the trash cans and packaging is recyclable. And for every newIcon wall-mounted Trash Can sold, Brabantia makes a donation to The Ocean Cleanup – developing an advanced cleaning system, powered by ocean currents, ridding the world’s oceans of plastic.

"The handy 0.8 US gallon size fits into any bathroom or toilet, just like the classic and classy colors, and the sleek but stylish design. The wall-mounted newIcon is an asset in your home!" - Robert Engels, category manager Waste Management

The 0.8 US gallon wall-mounted newIcon Trash Can comes with a 10-year guarantee and a sample pack of Brabantia PerfectFit Bags – easy to fit without pesky overwrap.

Notes to Editors:

From modest beginnings back in 1919, Brabantia has grown into a global interior design brand, renowned for bringing smart and stylish design to kitchen and homeware. Brabantia aims to enrich the quality of life and living for all our consumers, making sure that no matter what they’re doing around the home, they’ll love doing it even more with cleverly designed products. Products that make daily chores a pleasure, and that they can enjoy every day, for as long as they want. That’s ‘Designed for living’.

Brabantia products are available from leading retailers including Amazon, BBB, Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Wayfair and Williams Sonoma. For details, please contact our sales department or visit www.brabantia.com

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Invented by then 17-year-old Boyan Slat, the network of extremely long floating barriers lets the ocean gather the plastic using its own currents. The array could theoretically remove about half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years. A prototype of the barrier is currently being tested in the North Sea.