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Brabantia sorts laundry problems with Stackable Laundry Boxes

Laundry piling up? Brabantia presents new Stackable Laundry Boxes for you to build your own laundry totem pole. You can even dance around it, as your laundry bins no longer take up lots of floor space. These sturdy textile boxes can carry up to 35 litres of laundry and make sorting easier. Just stack Warm Red, Cool Grey, Black and Pastel Mint boxes and your sorting is sorted.

Moving up
Do you want more than one laundry bin, but don’t have the space for it? Brabantia sorts your problem with the new Stackable Laundry Boxes. Available in 4 colours, so you can design your own sorting system. They’re space saving, stackable (max. 3 boxes) strong, have sturdy grips and wow, they’re hand washable too! They’re simply perfect, sure to get you into the laundry spirit!

Tower of love
Sorting laundry as you put it in the laundry bin is a real timesaver on laundry day. And with the new Stackable Laundry Boxes it’s fun too. The sturdy boxes have a lid at the front and on top, making it easy to throw laundry in and take it out again. Temporary lack of laundry? You can easily fold and store some. In store from October 2015.

The Brabantia Stackable Laundry Boxes can be bought from October 2015 at (online) leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists. They come in Warm Red, Cool Grey and Black, and Pastel Mint, with a 2-year Brabantia guarantee.