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Got piles of dirty laundry? Sort it out stylishly with Brabantia’s Linn Laundry Hampers, Bags and Boxes. Designed to make laundry day a breeze, and pretty fashionable too. The laundry hamper with cork lid is now available in fresh White and beautiful, matt Black. The much-loved Rectangular Laundry Bags are now available in Grey, Pepper Black and Green, and so too are the handy Stackable Laundry Boxes. Lovely colors and textures that fit the latest interior trends.

Uncorking new colors
Lighten your laundry-load with these beautiful 9 and 16 Gallon (35 and 60 Liter) Black and White Laundry Hampers with natural cork lids. Thanks to their clever Quick-Drop opening, you don’t even have to remove the lid to put laundry in. On wash days, take off the lightweight lid to easily remove the perfectly fitting cotton laundry bag inside. Laundry at its loveliest. And supported by a 10-year guarantee.

Bag Laundry Day
Freshen up your laundry days with these must-have 14.5 Gallon (55 Liter) Rectangular Laundry Bags from the Linn collection, in contemporary Gray, Pepper Black and Green. These sturdy textile bags have a Quick-Drop opening to toss your dirty laundry right in - and out of sight. Has laundry day arrived? Un-fold the top into handles and carry your designer bag to wherever you want to empty it. With 2-year guarantee.

Tower of love
Do you want more than one laundry hamper, but don’t have the space for it? Brabantia has your problem sorted with the 9 Gallon (35 liter) Stackable Laundry Boxes. Newly available as part of the Linn collection in Grey, Pepper Black and Green, with a front, dropdown entry as well as one on top. They’re space saving, stackable, strong, have sturdy grips, and even come with a 2-year guarantee! A box you can build on!

All lovely Laundry Hampers, Bags and Boxes are available now.