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Brabantia introduces food storage containers with measuring cup

Brabantia the leading homeware design brand is introducing four semi transparent 1.3 Quart  plastic Food Storage Containers and two 1 Quart Glass Food Storage Containers with handy measuring cup on top. Great for storing food, and the measuring cup means you’ll cook the right amount, avoiding food waste! And - even better - for every storage container sold, Brabantia donates to The Hunger Project.

Elegant Food Storage Containers with measuring lid
The Clear, Mint, Clay Pink and Dark Gray plastic jars have a carafe shape, making them easy to hold and pour. The measuring cup, that shows portions per person, doubles as a tight-closing lid. Made from strong (Tritan) plastic, they keep your food fresh and your measuring cup handy. And they add a portion of style to your kitchen too.

Glass Food Storage Containers with measuring cup
The classic glass Storage Containers have lids with silicone seal in Gray and Mint. A handy glass measuring cup that shows portions per person tops the lids. The tight-closing jars keep food fresh for longer, the measuring cups tell the exact portions of rice or pasta to cook. These stackable, stylish and economical containers are great for anyone that dislikes throwing away food. Of course the Glass Storage Containers with measuring cup match your other Brabantia Glass Storage Containers and have a 10 year guarantee.

Prevent food waste and support The Hunger Project
Did you know in developed countries 1/3 of the produced food is being wasted? Brabantia Storage Containers with measuring cups help you prevent food waste, and helps end hunger too. For every Storage Container sold, Brabantia supports The Hunger Project. This global, non-profit organization is committed to ending world hunger by 2030 through training and investing in people in rural villages in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Your new storage container supports the training of one person.

Notes to Editor:

The Hunger Project believes those who live in hunger are not the problem – they are the solution. “We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are resilient and enterprising. The work, therefore, is to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership, so they can end their own hunger. That’s what we do.” The Hunger Project works to break the cycle of poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.