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Brabantia introduces new nature inspired ironing boards

Brabantia has got you covered with three new, eye-catching ironing boards and covers. The 100% cotton covers with nature-inspired print will make your mind wander.

Natural beauties

Leaf through your laundry with the Fern Shades cover or ease through your chores with a Morning Breeze board with a whimsical watercolor design. Or happily work your way through the biggest pile of ironing with Tropical Leaves that leave you mellow and content. Naturally, these covers fit perfectly with Brabantia Ironing Boards and the top layer makes for a smooth ironing sensation.

We’ve got you covered
The eye-catching covers come in different varieties and sizes. Want a board with that? Buy a set! The Morning Breeze Boards are 53 x 17 inches with Silicon Ironing Pad, 43 x 11 inches with a Steam Iron Rest or 48 x 14 inches with a Steam Iron Rest or a Solid Steam Iron Rest. They have a metallic gray or black frame.

The Fern Shades Board is 53 x 17 inches with Silicone Ironing pad, or 43 x 11 inches with a Solid Steam Iron Rest on a Fresh White Frame.
The Tropical Leaves Boards are 53 x 17 inches  with Silicone Ironing Pad, 48 x 14 inches on a Mint Frame, and feature a Steam Iron Rest, Solid Steam Iron Rest, or a Solid Steam Unit Holder. A larger board is also available; 48 x 17 inches, and is fitted with a Solid Steam Iron Rest or a Solid Steam Unit Holder.

Brabantia Ironing Boards have a 10 year guarantee. These eye-catching boards, as well as their separate covers to fit your Brabantia ironing board, are available in stores from April 2018.