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Are you looking for a quick and stylish way to brighten up your kitchen? Making the ordinary extraordinary with it’s fun and functional products, leading homewares brand Brabantia has launched its new Accent Line kitchen tools.

This new line of 50 must-have gadgets are perfect for budding chefs and home cooks. The comprehensive collection of food preparation utensils from can openers and garlic presses to whisks and ladles are made from high-grade stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials.

Each Accent Line gadget comes complete with a Dark Gray Cap with sturdy hanging loop so you can organize it your way. Matching hanging racks with movable hooks are available so you can display your Accent Line tools in a way that works best for you.

You’ll fall in love with the smart design which allows you to slide the silicone cap onto the kitchen tool with ease. Also available in two additional colors for you to choose from - Dark Mint and Passion Red - the colorful caps will delight you when creating food in the kitchen, allowing your creative cooking experience to be even more of a pleasure.

You can swap the color whenever you feel like a change! Why not mix and match colors, create a color collision or simply complement an existing color palette in your kitchen?
When attached to Brabantia’s Accent Line kitchen tools, the caps are easy to clean, helping to make your life easier.

The Accent Line is supported by a five-year guarantee.