With new Brabantia PerfectFlow board covers

Brabantia PerfectFlow ironing board covers impressively improve your steam ironing. These advanced covers by Philips and Brabantia let you steam iron smoothly and quickly. And with an all-new and delightful design, now they improve the look of your laundry room too.

Get in the Perfect Flow
Brabantia introduces a sparkling fresh design for the PerfectFlow ironing board cover: Color Spots. A cheerful bubbly print that is perfect for your Brabantia ironing board and your steam iron. Regular ironing board covers don’t reflect steam, but soak it up instead. This can cause condensation on your board, which can drip onto your floor. It also means that you don’t get the maximum result out of your iron. Brabantia and Philips teamed up and developed a stylish solution: the PerfectFlow ironing board cover.

Better ironing in less time

The innovative triple-layer fabric, used in the PerfectFlow ironing cover, enhances the performance of any steam generator iron. This means wrinkles are ironed out more easily, and garments stay dry. At the same time the cover absorbs any condensation, meaning no more drips of water on the floor. This all means you can do better ironing in less time.

On the boards

The new Color Spots cover is available in three sizes: 48 x 14 inches (size B), 48 x 17 inches (size C) and 53 x 17 inches (size D). Don’t own one of our sturdy and smart ironing boards yet? Brabantia has got you covered with complete PerfectFlow sets (board + cover) in four variations.

The new Color Spots cover is available from April 2018 and has a 2 year guarantee. All Brabantia ironing boards come with a 10 year Brabantia guarantee.