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Brabantia introduces new FlipBin

Brabantia shows it’s true colours with the new 30-litre FlipBin. A fresh new bin design, with a unique opening mechanism. Flipping open the lid is easy and reveals a surprisingly colourful inner bucket. But its beauty is not only on the inside: the FlipBin comes in 6 colour combinations to match any mood or style, and it’s attractively priced too. No flip sides to this bin!

A bin for every mood
The new FlipBin looks great on the outside, but opening it will really lift your spirits. Flip the lid up with just one finger and watch it open smoothly all by itself. And then - wow! - the 30-litre FlipBin has an inner bucket in a surprising colour. Oh, and have you noticed the coloured rim on the outside, subtly spicing up the design? Switch to soft with Mineral Pink with a Red rim, bring light to your life with White with a Yellow rim, or flip to a calm mood in Anthracite with a Blue trimming. There’s a warm Red FlipBin, a fresh Mineral Mint and a pure Matt Steel one too - a FlipBin for every mood.

FlipBin, but serious quality
Brabantia really lets you work the room with products that really work for you, too, both style wise and practically. The FlipBin is easy to clean thanks to its removable 30 litre inner bucket. And with its non-skid protective floor ring, it’s here to stay. FlipBins open at a flick of your hand, while the clever hinge design keeps the lid from hitting the wall. Of course there are PerfectFit Brabantia Bags available – easy to fit without pesky overwrap. And have we mentioned the 10-year Brabantia guarantee and service? No flippancy when it comes to quality! The FilpBin is in store from April 2015