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Brabantia brings FlatBack+ Pedal Bins in White and Red

Brabantia’s FlatBack+ Space Saving Pedal Bins, flat-out the most space-efficient bins ever made, are now available in crisp White and Passion Red. Spice up your kitchen or put a little Zen in it: the new colours for the 30 and 40 litre space-saving specialists are a must have ingredient.

Designed to fit. Anywhere.
Need room? The FlatBack+ Space Saving Pedal Bins respect your space and happily back off against the wall. There is a closely fitting Pedal Bin for every tight spot. And for every taste, as Flatback+ Pedal Bins come in Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof and three strong ‘mineral’ finishes in two soft pastels and one Night Blue. Brabantia now adds a crisp White and a Passion Red version to the palette. Mix and match to your heart’s content. 

Inner pleasures
FlatBack+ Space Saving Pedal Bins open with an easy tip of the toe while the clever hinge design prevents the lid from hitting the wall. All bins have silent closing and soft pedal operation. More plusses: the soft belt carrying grip lets you move the Pedal Bin around until you find that perfect spot. Changing bin liners is easy too; the smart inner bucket grips prevent any ugly overwrap. Just lock the inner bucket in the elevated position and go. The FlatBack+ has your back.

Size matters
The FlatBack+ Space Saving Pedal Bins are available in 30 and 40 litre versions, and come with a standard 10-year no-nonsense guarantee. And because two smart products make your life easier than one, we created matching PerfectFit waste bags to go with your bin. Making your life just a bit more beautiful, one bin at a time.