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At a time when interior design trends continue to embrace warm and luxurious modern materials with a retro or vintage look, Brabantia presents its 'Mineral Collection' – three ‘MotionControl’ Retro Bins in exclusive colours.

The Mineral Collection range expands Brabantia’s Retro Bin colour palette and includes the 12 litre Mineral Pink, 20 litre Mineral Mint and a 30 litre Mineral Blue Retro bins.

Each bin features a new, state-of-the-art textured finish which combines stylish expression with excellent scratch and wear resistance. Emphasising the exclusivity of the Mineral Collection, the inner buckets also feature striking coloured grips: pink for the Mineral Pink bin, light blue for the Mineral Mint and green for the Mineral Blue.

Thanks to the cutting edge ‘MotionControl’ Whisper Lid technology the lid opens with just a light pedal tap and closes smoothly and silently. When opened by hand the lid stays open, which is particularly handy with larger volumes of waste or when changing the buckets.

Other practical features of these Retro Bins include an easy to clean sturdy plastic inner bucket, a plastic protective rim which helps prevent damage to the floor and non-slip feet to ensure the bin does not slide around on wet or polished surfaces.

Matching Brabantia bin liners are available in a range of sizes to fit each bin, designed to avoid any unsightly overhang and come with a tie tape to prevent spillage when full and being removed. Select size C for the 12 litre Mineral Pink, size E for the 20 litre Mineral Mint and size G for the 30 litre Mineral Blue.

Available from October 2013

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