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Brabantia Sort & Go sorts waste separation

You probably don’t want to waste any time thinking about waste disposal. That’s why Brabantia has. And they’ve come up with a beautiful, space saving and smart solution for separating, collecting and transporting waste: Sort & Go. The Sort & Go collection consists of 6, 12 and 16 litre bins in Mint, Yellow, White, and Grey. Put them on the floor, in the cupboard or countertop, hang them on the wall or not… The Sort & Go bins are made to organize waste your way.

Sorting system
The plastic Sort & Go bins come in three sizes, and four colours. All you need to set up your own system for sorting and storing different types of waste. The cute 6-litre bin with stay-open lid i.e. is perfect for disposal of organic waste right on the kitchen counter. You can use the 12- and 16-litre bins for bottles, cans, packaging or anything else you want sorted. The large handle and smart grip at the bottom of every bin make emptying it easy.

Robert Engels, category manager Waste management: ‘The EU waste legislation demands for 50% recycling of domestic waste by 2020. So separating waste is getting more important, but houses are not getting bigger. Sort & Go is a space efficient waste solution that fits everywhere.’

Hang loose
Don’t have enough floor space to park all those bins? The fun and friendly Sort & Go bins fit all your needs, so of course you can hang them too! All bins have their own easy-fix wall mount (enclosed) and are easy to take off and hang back again. Thanks to the compact design, the bins fit in a corner or just flat to the wall. A space saving solution for waste separation at home!

Built-in ease
Sort & Go bins are real good lookers. Do you want to hide them anyways? No problem: there’s a 12 litre and a 16 litre built-in duo in Mint and Grey too. The Sort & Go built-in bin set comes with a sturdy mounting frame, fixings and a clear manual. You’ll fit it easily in almost any cupboard, whatever way the doors open. And because of the self-supporting mounting frame, it doesn’t put any weight on your doors, so they won’t sag. And they come with a 10 year guarantee too. Happy organizing!

Perfect bag
Two smart products work better than one, so why not treat your Sort & Go bin (and yourself) to the PerfectFit Brabantia Bags. Strong, tailor-made and with handy tie-tape for easy closing, removing and transport. There are PerfectFit bin liners available for every size and 100% compostable bin liners for the 6 and 12 litre models. Designed with your comfort in mind and of course perfectly matching your Sort & Go bin.

Brabantia Sort & Go waste bins are available in store from April 2016