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Brabantia introduces Ironing Boards with extras

Want to feel enlightened? Just open your mind and heart to the new Brabantia Ironing Boards and iron your stress away! Interior design brand Brabantia brings some swing to ironing with its new Ironing Board Music (with special playlist on Spotify!). The new Dots and Mandala Ironing Board covers help you see the bright side of ironing. Both boards come with a free beach towel, for some extra me time in the sauna, hammam spa or at the beach.

Iron and relax
Music makes the world go round, and the ironing smoother. Try for yourself, with the Brabantia Ironing Board Music. A beautiful 124 x 38 cm ironing board with a sound cover, a Solid Steam Iron Rest and a Fresh White frame. And to really make you dance through laundry day, Brabantia has made some special ‘Brabantialife’ playlists on Spotify to go with your board. High quality and high fidelity.

Everything is beachy
Make ironing your Me Time with Brabantia ironing tables Dots and Mandala. The soothing cover designs help you stay in the now, whilst the resilient foam layers underneath make ironing ‘wow’. The symbolic Mandala design invites you to burn a scented candle and iron your stress away. The Dots design brings happiness and positive energy to the ironing table.
Both boards are 124 x 38 cm, have a Fresh White frame, and a Solid Steam Unit Holder (Mandala) or a Solid Steam Iron Rest (Dots). Extra wow-factor: you get a pure cotton 2 x 1 m beach towel with both boards.

"For some, ironing is their least favourite chore. But others find it a relaxing ritual. Ironing can be a chance to muse, or listen to music. With our new Ironing Boards we try to help you make the switch.” - Sjors Eerens, category manager Laundry Caring

Available from April 2017

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