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New Brabantia Hanging Drying Rack fits everywhere

Running out of doors or radiators to dry your clothes on? Or just looking for a fun-coloured solution for drying your knitwear? Brabantia’s new Hanging Drying Rack is a smart solution in Ivory, Metallic Grey or Passion Red. It has 4.5 metres of drying space, is easy to set up and fits thin doors, 11 cm thick walls and anything in-between. You’ll be hooked in no time!

Quick fix
Tired of door shaped dents in your shirts and towels? Be kinder to your laundry (and your doors); check Brabantia’s new Hanging Drying Rack. This sturdy rack won’t let you down! It easily fits thin doors, radiators and walls up to 11 cm thick, and is just as easy to fold and store. Your extra 4.5 metres of drying space is available in Ivory, Metallic Grey or – new! – Passion Red.

Easy does it
Brabantia’s new Hanging Drying Rack is the perfect solution for drying a smaller batch of hand washing or undies. Just hook it over your heater or door; the adjustable arms make sure it is stable and horizontal, the soft lining protecting your door or walls. The smart ‘lock’ system keeps the last settings you used. Oh, and of course you’ll get 5 years of guarantee and service on this great small drying rack! In store from October 2015.

The Brabantia Hanging Drying Rack can be bought from October 2015 at (online) leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists. Ivory, Metallic Grey or Passion Red, with a 5-year Brabantia guarantee.