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Brabantia launches hot new design for ironing board covers

Printed in black and white stripes, the all new Fading Lines board cover is a piece of monochromatic magic, which keeps it cool while looking hot, hot, hot. With a striking design and different sizes, it is sure to fit your style and ironing board. There is even a size D cover fitted with a Heat Resistant Parking Zone for your iron. A beautiful solution for a burning problem!

Keeping it cool
Fading Lines covers are made out of 100% cotton, which makes for a great gliding experience. The foam layer underneath allows you to put enough pressure on your clothing, so you can easily say goodbye to those creases. There is even a version that solves a burning problem: thanks to the Heat Resistant Parking Zone on your cover you can leave your iron on the board without the risk of causing damage. The Fading Lines cover with Heat Resistant Parking Zone fits Brabantia ironing boards size D. And with its striking new design, it is sure to fit your style!

Lean and clean

The new Fading Lines covers are available in size B and D, fitting boards 124x38 cm and 135x45 cm. The size D features the Heat Resistant Parking Zone. Want a board with that cover? Choose a set with a sturdy black board in your favourite size. There is a 124x38 cm board with a Steam Iron Rest, or a Solid Steam Unit Holder. Two have an extra large worktop (135x45 cm) and feature the Heat Resistant Parking Zone. One is fitted with a Linen Rack, the other is pure and simple and doesn’t need any extras. What’s your favourite?

The Fading Lines ironing board cover has a 2-year guarantee. All Fading Lines Ironing Boards have a 10-year guarantee and are available from April 2018. What’s not to like about these lines?