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Brabantia’s Top 10 ironing accessories

Not too hot on ironing? Brabantia has a range of products to make even this chore more pleasant. Made of durable material, well designed and safe, you can be sure Brabantia’s laundry caring solutions can stand the pressure. Guaranteed. Here’s our Top 10.

1 Sleeve Board  - No more slaving on kid’s trousers or sleeves, use the Brabantia Sleeve Board. This foldable mini-ironing board makes sleeves a breeze! Its resilient foam underlayer gives perfect ironing results and the board looks the part too, in its new Pink Santini Cover.

2 Heat Resistant Iron Pad – Park your iron in style on this new mint-coloured Heat Resistant Iron Pad. A great looking pad that you can put anywhere you like. This hot item comes with a 2-year Brabantia guarantee and can surely stand the heat.

3 Flex Guide - The Brabantia Flex Guide keeps the flex out of the way when ironing. Thanks to its improved holder, the flexible antenna now fits nearly all steam irons. Mount it on your ironing board with the universal clamp and leave it on: just fold it down when storing your ironing board. Now that’s flexible.   

4 Iron Store – Done ironing? Get everything out of the way quickly and safely with Brabantia’s Iron Store. Made from heat-resistant materials, so no cool-down required. Put away your hot iron, wind up the flex and hang the board on the sturdy hook. Neat and tidy in no time and with 2-year Brabantia guarantee.

5 Descaling Set (6 vials of 14 ml) - Protect your iron from chalky water with Brabantia’s easy-to-use descaling solution. Packed in convenient capsules, one is enough to unclog your iron. And we don’t mind if you use it for your water kettle or coffee maker, too.

6 Protective Ironing Cloth – Brabantia takes the pressure off ironing, starting by stopping shiny ironing marks. The mesh Protective Ironing Cloth provides maximum safety for even the most sensitive fabrics. It’s see-through, so you know where you’re ironing for better results. So you can shine, and your clothes will not.

7 Heat Resistant Iron Cover - No time to cool down? Store your hot iron safely right after use with Brabantia’s Heat Resistant Iron Cover. The materials keep the iron’s sole plate safe from scratching and dirt. Fits all irons, thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap. And it comes with a 2-year Brabantia guarantee. How cool is that?

8 Ironing Cover Fasteners –Brabantia ironing boards and replacement covers come with the special Stretch System, so you don’t have to iron your board before you iron your clothes. Brabantia’s Ironing Cover Fasteners keep other covers in place too. No slipping, no wrinkling, we are keeping it tight. Ironing Cover Fasteners fit any ironing board and have a 2-year guarantee.

9 Soft Touch Clothes Hangers – Add a touch of design to your freshly ironed clothes with Brabantia Soft Touch Clothes Hangers. These versatile clothes hangers with non-skid fabric coating in Soft Pink, Aqua, and Grey go great with any outfit. Hang them easily on any rod, towel bar, or door with their swivelling hook. A perfect fit.

10 Folding Board - Our magic folding board fits in any closet and is the perfect aid to quickly folding shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters. How? The board has step-by-step instructions on the front and the back. And when your wardrobe is neatly organized, hang the board in your cupboard on its extra large hook.
All items are available from April 2015.