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Brabantia and Philips develop innovative PerfectFlow Ironing Board Cover, for the best ironing experience

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Global ironing leaders Brabantia and Philips today announce their next generation ironing board cover, developed specifically for pressurized steam generators. The PerfectFlow board cover is designed to deliver faster ironing results, whilst keeping garments dry and preventing unwanted water build-up on or near the board. Complementing the Brabantia ironing assortment for steam generators, the PerfectFlow board cover delivers a superior ironing experience that’s hassle free and saves time.

Pressurised steam generators deliver faster ironing results using high pressure steam, but when used with a conventional ironing board they can cause condensation to form on the board when the water cools. This can lead to unwanted water building up underneath the board or on the garment itself, and over time this can cause the cover to become moldy. To get the best results with a pressurized steam generator, the cover needs to be specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by high pressure steam.

Three layers of technology
On the surface the PerfectFlow cover may seem like a simple replacement for conventional cotton ironing board covers, but the real innovation is inside. The first porous layer made of a special 3D textile is designed to improve steam flow, spreading the steam over a bigger surface to deliver faster and smoother ironing and preventing water-build up at the same time. The second layer is made from an absorbent material which catches any condensation that is left over, and the final water-proof layer keeps all the condensation inside. Due to the breathability of this special construction, any water captured inside will evaporate by itself.
This sandwich structure of layers improves the overall ironing performance by allowing steam to remove wrinkles effectively and seal the results with the heat of the soleplate. Even after ironing a full load, the cover manages water build-up effectively, delivering better ironing results in less time.

Perfect partners
As a global leader in ironing boards and accessories Brabantia has a long history of ironing innovation. The partnership with Philips, the world's number one ironing brand1, is a natural fit for both companies who have their roots in The Netherlands and share values of creating quality products to meet the real needs of consumers.

Innovation manager Kees Beelen says “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers an innovative ironing board cover solution to complement the Brabantia ironing board and accessories range. Using the expertise of the world’s leading ironing specialists from Brabantia and Philips, the PerfectFlow board cover has made ironing easier and faster than ever before.”

The PerfectFlow ironing board cover and ironing table is currently available in stores.
For details, please contact the Brabantia sales department or visit Brabantia’s website www.brabantia.com.

For further information, please contact:
Martina Gerhard
Campaign Manager
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
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