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Drying rack 20 metres

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New large capacity indoor drying frame with 20 metre drying length joins the range

Brabantia has been offering laundry care products for many years, and has long held the view that you don’t need to use electricity to dry your clothes.

Indoor drying racks mean you utilise the warmth already within your home, whereas outdoor balcony drying racks, rotaries and WallFix allow you to harness the earth’s natural resources - sun, warmth and breeze. Simple, highly effective and free!

Drying rack 20 metres

Brabantia’s new extra large capacity 20 metre Drying rack provides a space-efficient solution and the capacity for a complete family wash, as well as all those smaller in-between drying jobs.

With adjustable ‘wings’ the Drying rack is suitable for ‘smalls’ through to large, heavy laundry items such as jeans, while the drying platform can also be positioned to allow delicate woollens to be dried flat.

Strong and secure thanks to a clever transport lock, the rack can safely be moved even when loaded with damp laundry, yet quickly folds into a compact size for convenient and space-efficient storage.

Made from corrosion resistant material and fitted with protective caps to prevent floor damage, it is finished in attractive metallic grey, and comes with a five year guarantee.

And for indoor, garage or balcony clothes drying, Brabantia has three other energy free solutions.

Hanging drying rack

Designed to offer 4.5 metres of drying space and take a 10 kilo load, this high quality yet compact drying rack is ideal for drying small laundry items in the bathroom or outside, such as on a balcony.

Neat and efficient, it is fitted with cleverly designed adjustable arms for stable hanging from doors, railings and walls (up to 110 mm thick), and the rack is simply folded and locked to form a compact size for discrete storage.

As an ideal solution for both medium and small laundry loads, this well designed, stainless steel hanging drying rack is ideal for all those ‘in-between’ drying jobs. It is supported by a 10 year guarantee.

Bath drying rack

The Bath drying rack can be quickly positioned - over a bath for wet or flat drying of delicate clothing such as woollens and pullovers - and with two large control knobs is easily adjusted to numerous positions and angles. It is also suitable for longer items such as dresses, jeans, trousers and nightwear.

The stainless steel Bath drying rack is supported by a 10 year guarantee.

Pull-out drying lines

Brabantia also offers the Pull-out drying lines, which with five separate line lengths, gives a total drying length of up to 22 metres.

Easily installed between two walls (max 4.4 metres), the unit is finished in either white or stainless steel, and backed by a 5 year guarantee.


Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth(mm) Drying length (m)
Pull-out drying lines 475 78 80 22

Rotaries - convenient drying in the garden

There are five different Brabantia models to choose from, each offering ‘free’ fresh air drying: Compact, Topspinner, Lift-o-Matic, Lift-o-Matic Advance and SmartLift.

With a wide range of features and options - a line length of 30, 40, 50 or a massive 60 metres, easy-lifting, height adjustability and protection covers - there’s a Brabantia Rotary to suit your weekly laundry needs, size of garden and budget.

All Rotaries are backed by a 5 year guarantee.


Model Line Length (m) Height - folded (mm) Width - unfolded (mm)
Compact 40m/50m 1840mm 1900mm
Topspinner 40m/50m/60m 2000mm 2060mm
Lift-o-Matic 40m/50m/60m 1990mm 2050mm
Lift-o-Matic Advance 50m/60m 2000mm 2200mm
SmartLift 60m 1870mm 2200mm

WallFix - for clothes drying in the smallest of spaces - outdoors or in

Whether you have a small garden or just prefer a lawn free of wet washing, now you can dry your clothes discretely outside in the sunshine with the innovative WallFix clothes dryer.

This handy wall-mounted dryer will fit even the smallest outdoor area, and folds away into a compact, space-saving unit. Just unfold the dryer with a simple one-handed movement for a drying length of 24 metres - that’s a full machine load of laundry.

Easy to install, each WallFix clothes dryer is supplied with a wall bracket, fixing materials and clear step-by-step instructions, while a protective cover will keep the dryer clean when not in use.

And to provide indoor drying on rainy days, a WallFix can also be wall-mounted in the laundry, utility room or garage. It comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Model Line Length (m) Height - folded (mm) Width - unfolded (mm)
WallFix wall mounted dryer 24m 1040mm 1800mm


There is also a range of accessories that include Clothes peg bags in five colours - black, yellow, azure, cobalt and purple, and protective covers for rotaries and WallFix driers.

Brabantia products are available from leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, quality independent housewares and kitchen product specialists. For details, please contact the Brabantia sales department or visit Brabantia’s website www.brabantia.com