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Valkenswaard/Eindhoven 11 May 2017

The parent company of International Design brand Brabantia today announced the takeover of the Eindhoven-based company DUTCHDELUXES. The multinational views this takeover as an opportunity to emphasise its position as a design brand in the higher segment and has identified DUTCHDELUXES as the ideal vehicle for serving the top end of the market. The takeover by Brabantia offers DUTCHDELUXES the opportunity to achieve further growth via Brabantia’s international network. The DUTCHDELUXES brand will be maintained following the takeover and will continue to broaden its scope alongside ‘big brother’ Brabantia as an independent label, on a smaller scale but in a higher market position.

Thanks to the takeover, DUTCHDELUXES will be able to make use of the international logistic and sales network of Brabantia, and as such will have the opportunity to sell its products worldwide. At present, the products of DUTCHDELUXES are sold primarily in Europe. The capacity offered by Brabantia will enable DUTCHDELUXES to grow further and expand its market position.

Tijn van Elderen, CEO at Brabantia explained, “I am delighted with this takeover. It is in fact our first takeover in 40 years. This step represents a solid contribution to our international growth targets. With our combination of design and sustainability, we have a sound platform in the middle to higher segment, which we plan to extend. DUTCHDELUXES offers attractive designer products that perfectly complement the existing Brabantia range. This acquisition enables us to serve the higher segment of the market.”

Sebastiaan Eerhart, CEO at DUTCHDELUXES added, “I am pleased and proud to be part of the Brabantia family, starting today. For almost 100 years, Brabantia have been leading manufacturers of attractive and good-quality household products. Since our company was started in 2013, we have steadily expanded the DUTCHDELUXES product range and successfully positioned our brand. Assisted by Brabantia’s knowledge of production and logistics and their contacts with dealers and distributors in the sector, we expect to be able to operate even more effectively. Brabantia has successfully innovated in terms of design and sustainability. As a consequence, our visions match closely and the agreements we have reached are sound.”

Neither party has issued any information concerning the amount involved in the takeover. Following the takeover, the company DUTCHDELUXES BV will continue to exist and will operate under the same name. Both companies will be able to make use of one another’s strengths. Brabantia will tap into the innovative capacity at DUTCHDELUXES while DUTCHDELUXES will have access to Brabantia’s international logistic network. Sebastiaan Eerhart will remain joint shareholder till 2021 and will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day running of DUTCHDELUXES.

About Brabantia

From modest beginnings in 1919, Brabantia today is an international design brand renowned for its practical and stylish kitchen accessories and household articles. Brabantia designs good-quality, smart and above all attractive products that are a pleasure to use in the home every day. ‘Designed for living’. Brabantia is a fourth generation family company that sells its products in more than 100 countries. Worldwide, the company employs 1000 people. Turnover in 2016 was EUR 107 million.


With their roots in the fashion industry, Sebastiaan Eerhart and Maud Eerhart-Vorspaget founded the brand label DUTCHDELUXES in 2013 based on their passion for interior design and their love of cooking. They combine this passion and sense of fun in designing and manufacturing fashionable and functional products for use in and around the kitchen.