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Bright corkscrews by Brabantia

Wine lover? Brabantia designed corkscrews that make opening a bottle of wine even more fun. The four new corkscrews in the Tasty Colours collection come in Red, Yellow, Dark Grey and Mint and have a design as cheery as their popping colours. Hang them from a bottleneck, to instantly turn it into a great gift. Enjoy!

Celebrate life
A Brabantia corkscrew is a stylish and functional must-have for every wine lover. It fits all regular bottles and has good grip. The extra large turning handle makes opening wine bottles a breeze: just a few turns to the right and the job is done. We don’t know about the wine, but this corkscrew will surely not give you a hangover.

Great to have, great to give!
Make a great gift out of every wine; combine it with a colourful Brabantia corkscrew! Pick your favourite colour (both wine and corkscrew) and hang the corkscrew from the bottleneck by its handy packaging. Double fun with a 5-year Brabantia guarantee.

New Tasty Colours collection
The new corkscrews are part of the new Brabantia Tasty Colours collection; a new line of kitchen must-haves in ‘foody colours’, in store from July 2015. All 45 colourful items are handy in the kitchen, and make great tasteful gifts as well.