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Functional design - professional quality
Brabantia is introducing an all-new line-up of kitchen knives to complement its comprehensive collection of food preparation utensils.

The new Brabantia knives are specially designed for use both by professional chefs and enthusiastic home cooks, and combine great craftsmanship and leading edge, high-grade materials.

Easy to handle thanks to the balanced, ergonomic grip design, the new knives feel secure and tactile in the hand, while also offering safety with the integral finger guard.

Made from ice hardened high carbon Molybdenum Vanadium steel, the blades stay sharp for longer, are scratchproof and offer a better corrosion resistance. The seamless grip is made of matt brushed steel and solid black plastic, so the knives are also easy to clean and hygienic to use.

The range comprises five items - a chef’s knife, bread knife, meat knife, fruit/utility knife and a sharpening steel - and comes with a 10- year guarantee.

The knives can be stored conveniently on Brabantia’s magnetic Wall Rail system, while the Sharpening Steel comes with a special device to attach it to the new Brabantia Kitchen Today Wall Rail.

Chef’s Knife
This all-round Chef's knife comes with a broad, long blade with a fine tip, and is ideal for chopping herbs and cutting vegetables and uncooked meat.

Bread Knife
The Bread Knife has a long, extra strong serrated blade - ideal for clean-cut slices of bread or other baked products with a hard crust and soft interior.

Meat Knife
This Meat Knife features a long blade with a fine tip - particularly suitable for preparing and carving all kinds of cooked meat.

Fruit/Utility Knife
This Fruit / Utility Knife has a small, slim blade and is a real all-rounder in your kitchen - ideal for cleaning, peeling and cutting fruit and vegetables.

Sharpening Steel
Brabantia knives are made to stay sharp for a long time, but even the best quality knives will lose cutting efficiency over time. For the best cutting results and for your safety, it is important to keep knives sharp with our Sharpening Steel.

Made of extra-hardened high carbon steel, and suitable for all knives with the exception of the Bread Knife and other knives with a serrated blade, the Sharpening Steel is specially designed to make light work of keeping your knives in peak condition. It is supplied with instructions on how to sharpen your knives.

All knives are packaged and sold separately.

Brabantia products are available from leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, quality independent housewares and kitchen product specialists. For details, please contact the Brabantia sales department or visit Brabantia’s website: www.brabantia.com.