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Brabantia introduces Sink Side collection

Washing up getting you down? Brabantia gives you a hand with the Sink Side collection: nine new tools that make doing the dishes more enjoyable. From a food waste caddy, a dish brush, cleaning pads and dishcloths to different drying racks, drying mats, and a sink organiser – these stylish Sink Side specials are with you every step of the way.

Dish the clean
Doing the dishes might not be your favourite chore. But it can be, with the new Brabantia Sink Side collection. Beautiful tools that can make washing up a meditative ritual for yourself, or a valued moment together with your partner, kids or friends.

No time to waste
Start off on the right foot by scraping food waste in to our Food Waste Caddy in Dark Grey or Mint. Like all Brabantia bins, this cute caddy is easy to open, carry and clean. It has a stay open lid, so it is easy to use for larger chores, and the stainless steel handle makes it simple to carry to your compost bin to empty. It is dishwasher safe and even has a 2-year Brabantia guarantee. What’s not to love?

Soap story
Go through your day while you easily wash up with our sturdy Dish Brush in Dark Grey or Mint. It has a secure grip, a built-in scraper, and a suction cup holder to keep it ready in your sink. Or use our clever Cleaning Pads – the microfibre material makes them very spongy and great for all kitchen cleaning jobs. They are washable at 60° C and come in a set of 3 different colours. Our miracle Microfibre Dishcloths are really absorbent and ideal for washing and drying dishes, and cleaning countertops and mirrors with less detergents. These machine washable wonders (60° C) come in a set of 2 in Light Grey, Dark Grey or Mint.

Dry facts
Done the washing? Use our small or family-sized Dish Drying Rack (in Dark Grey or Light Grey) with loose drip-tray to keep your crockery safe and your countertop dry. The removable cutlery basket makes taking cutlery to the drawer a one-hand job. The rack is so durable and corrosion-resistant that you get a 5-year guarantee on it.
Need a little more flexibility? The foldable Silicone Dish Drying Mat in Dark Grey, Light Grey, or Mint leads water from dripping dishes directly into the sink. The silicone is durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It has a 2-year guarantee. Or use the Brabantia Microfibre Dish Drying Mat to keep your countertop dry and scratch free. This soft, foldable mat absorbs seven times its weight in water and is machine washable at 60° C.

Counteract clutter
All done? Keep your stylish sinksidekicks together with a Sink Organiser in stylish Dark Grey or fresh Mint. Don’t let the compact design fool you; it has enough room to hold a bottle of detergent, sponges and more. The ribbed bottom keeps tools upright, and its separate silicone non-skid drip tray keeps it in place. Of course, this treasure of a tray is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also sports a 2-year Brabantia guarantee.

“Doing the dishes can be a drag. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Sink Side specials can make an uninspiring task more enjoyable – a beautiful ritual even.” - Tara Kusters, category manager at Brabantia.

Brabantia Sink Side products are available from April 2018.