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Brabantia adds graters to Tasty Colours Collection

Fine cooking shouldn't be hard. That’s why Brabantia adds three great handheld graters to the Tasty Colours Collection: a yellow grater/slicer, a fine red grater, and a coarse one in mint. All come with a razor-sharp stainless steel etched blade, and a transparent protective cover to keep it that way. They’re easy to clean, to hang, and to hold, thanks to their large grip. Their non-skid base and special grooves hold them firmly in place on any bowl or cutting board. For grate dishes!

Hanneke van den Berg, category manager Food Enjoyment: ‘We’ve designed our graters to be easy to use. If your hand tires anyway, hold the grater at a 30-degree angle against the cutting board for leverage. We’ve made sure it won’t slip.’

Fine cuisine
Grate fresh Parmesan, garlic or spices easily and directly into a bowl. Or precisely zest a lemon with this fine handheld grater in red. The anti-slip handle and large plate help you grate lightly. Great for all ingredients you need for your fine cuisine.

Great grater
Grating fresh ingredients brings out the strongest tastes. A great way to improve any dish! Just pick your taste: cabbage, apples, soft cheese, zucchini, carrots… You can feed this mint-coloured coarse grater about everything.

Say cheese
This yellow grater-slicer is ideal for Parmesan, cucumber, carrots, and more. It will even make you chocolate flakes, adding a sweet touch to your favourite dessert. Stop the chocolate from melting, by putting it and the grater in the freezer for a few minutes. Happy grating!

New Tasty Colours collection
Brabantia handheld graters come with a 5-year Brabantia guarantee.
These great graters are part of the new Brabantia Tasty Colours collection; a new line of kitchen must-haves in ‘foody colours’, in store since July 2015. All 50+ colourful items are handy in the kitchen, and make great tasteful gifts as well.

The three new graters are available in store from April 2016.