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Brabantia introduces Tasty Tools

Stir up your style with Brabantia Tasty Tools – a complete new series of 19 high quality kitchen utensils in hot new colours. From spoons and spatulas to openers and a garlic press in ‘foody colours’ fresh Mint, Yellow, Pink, Red and Green. Who wouldn’t get an appetite for cooking after looking at those kitchen cuties?

Mint and more
Spice up your kitchen with Brabantia’s Tasty Tools - a complete collection of handy kitchen utensils in bright colours. From high quality spoons, spatulas, and openers to cutters, peelers, and slicers in Mint, Yellow, Pink, Red and Green. There’s even a garlic press, an ice cream scoop, and a melon baller. Now that’s happy cooking!

New Tasty Colours collection
Tasty Tools are part of the new Brabantia Tasty Colours collection; a new line of kitchen must-haves in ‘foody colours’. All 45 colourful items are handy in the kitchen, and make great tasteful gifts as well. Category Manager Twan Verdonck: ‘We want to make homes and lives more beautiful. The Tasty Tools are a great way to do so: they brighten up your kitchen and help prepare delightful meals.’

The Tasty Tools collection consists of:
Spaghetti Scoop, Purple
Soup Ladle, Mint
Skimmer, Green
Vegetable Spoon, Yellow
Spatula Small, Pink
Spatula Large, Red
Potato Masher, Purple
Grill Spatula, Mint
Cheese Slice, Green
Whisk, Yellow
Pizza/Pie Server, Pink
Universal Opener, Red
Food Peeler, Purple
Ice Cream Scoop, Mint
Bottle Opener, Green
Pizza Cutter, Yellow
Melon Baller, Pink
Garlic Press, Red
Can Opener with Plastic Handle, Red