Dutch Design Awards rewards the daring and creativity of clients

EINDHOVEN, 29 October Brabantia pursues a contemporary approach, with a focus on leadership, creativity and the input of different disciplines and experts. Partnerships with Proud Design, Bovil and Studio Aandacht have successfully rebranded this family company, earning Brabantia this year’s Best Client Award.

The Best Client Award is the special prize awarded by Dutch Design Awards (DDA) for clients who employ design strategically in their organisation. The prize was awarded during the DDA Awards Show on Saturday 29 October, as part of Dutch Design Week. The award is given in recognition of the good commissioning of design. Important criteria are the degree of professionalism, strategy, sustainability and innovation. From all the submissions, the committee, comprising Pieter Aarts (DMN), Rita van Hattum (BNO), Adjan Kodde (Mirabeau), Luuk Ros (NIMA), Roel Stavorinus (design and marketing strategist) and Mark van Iterson (Heineken) selected this year’s three finalists: Brabantia in collaboration with Proud Design, Bovil and Studio Aandacht, Transavia in collaboration with Studio Dumbar and MultiTankcard in collaboration with Funcke Creatieve Partners.

The New Brabantia
The aim of the repositioning was to support Brabantia’s evolution into a stylish brand, creating a new look and feel, a fresh, stylish redesign to delight consumers. The company worked intensively with several design agencies to craft its new identity. The brand has undergone a transformation, both at product level, and in the firm’s communications (online and offline), without sacrificing quality. And there’s no question that the rebranding is a commercial success, thanks to the careful selection of designers and design agencies by CEO Tijn van Elderen and the value director (Brand, Marketing & Product Innovation) Mechteld Petersen. An outstanding example of the excellent commissioning of design.

DDA winners
The big winner of DDA 2016 is FLAX Chair by Christien Meindertsma. This project won the Future Award, the prize for most promising design for the future. Other Dutch Design Awards winners this year: Dikke van Dale by Studio Joost Grootens (Communication), Sistaaz of the Castle by Duran Lantink and Jan Hoek (Fashion), Biesbosch MuseumEiland by Studio Marco Vermeulen (Habitat), FLAX Chair by Christien Meindertsma (Product), Designs for Flies by Frank Kolkman (Service & Systems), Uruzgan’s Legacy by Specialist Operations (Design Research) and Brabantia (Best Client Award). Crystal Houses by MVRDV, ABT & TU DELFT and POESIA received the highest number of votes from audiences in the exhibition and online, with which it earned the Public Award.

Dutch Design Awards
The winners were announced on Saturday 29 October during Dutch Design Week. The Awards show, together with the exhibition of the finalists’ work during Dutch Design Week (22-30 October 2016) and the publication Dutch Design Today, form a platform for the full spectrum of Dutch design. For additional information, visit dutchdesignawards.nl.

Dutch Design Foundation
Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is optimistic and believes that the problem-solving capabilities of designers are essential for shaping our future. Which is why Dutch Design Foundation stimulates young design talent by offering opportunities, support, publicity, and a platform. Dutch Design Foundation organises Dutch Design Week and the Dutch Design Awards. DDF is active throughout the Netherlands and far beyond. Throughout the year, DDF organises debates, lectures, exhibitions and seminars. With this, DDF highlights the most outstanding and promising designers, bringing their ideas and designs into the world. Read more about Dutch Design Foundation at dutchdesignfoundation.com.