Introducing the new Touch Bin

Interior design brand Brabantia shows it’s in touch with trends and domestic wishes alike, by introducing the new Touch Bin. Improved design, great quality, and the best value for money ever - the next generation of bins starts with a 40-litre Touch Bin and a 10 + 23 litre Touch Bin Recycle.

Touch Bin, 40 litres

Up for the next step in organizing your home? Grab the new 40-litre Touch Bin. Just touch the (newly designed) lid and it opens, quietly and smoothly. It really is seriously easy – to open, change the bin liners, and clean... Your new best friend comes in Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, Metallic Grey, Platinum, Matt Black and Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof. Of course matching PerfectFit bin liners are available - there’s even a free sample pack inside your new bin! - and you’ll get a 10-year guarantee.

Touch Bin Recycle, 10 + 23 litre
Separating waste without separate bins? The Touch Bin Recycle has a 10 and a 23 litre removable plastic inner bucket. So two handy bins, taking up only one space at work or in the kitchen! And with the non-skid base, they stay in that space. Helping you help the environment. The new Touch Bin Recycle is available in Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, and Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof and has a 10-year guarantee.

The new Brabantia Touch bin is available in store from November 2016.