With a unique water droplet design, Brabantia’s Ice Water Ironing Boards feature a handy adjustable height allowing for full customization to fit your needs.

Having been carefully designed to be both sturdy and surprisingly light, the ironing boards also offer an extra-stable and wide working area for your comfort and a user-friendly shoulder-shape for blouses and shirts, along with a pointed end that is the ideal fit for pants.

And designed for the more professional ironer, Brabantia’s Titan Oval Ironing Boards not only offer the same clever features as the Ice Water Ironing Boards, but they also benefit from an asymmetric frame which allows you to iron while sitting down for ultimate comfortability.

Both the Ice Water and Titan Oval Ironing Board covers feature a 100% cotton top layer which makes for smooth gliding, whilst the foam layers underneath allow you to put enough pressure on those creases to get rid of them permanently. The added feature of a cord-fastener and Stretch-System make the cover easy to fix and keep it nice and taut.

Not only are the Titan Oval and Ice Water Ironing Boards customizable and easy on the eye, but they benefit from an array of smart features too - such as a child lock which prevents the ironing table from accidentally collapsing, a transport lock to keep the board folded for storage and robust protective non-slip caps on the feet of the frame to prevent any damage to flooring.

Looking to park your iron in style? Introducing Brabantia’s Blue Heat- Resistant Iron Pad. Designed to protect the cover of the ironing board, the pad, which is made of heat-resistant plastic and comes with a two- year guarantee, can safely handle a hot iron (up to a max. 428F) while laundry items are folded away.
The Ironing Boards are available in the following sizes:
Titan Oval Ironing Boards come in 53 x 18 inches with a Heat Resistant Parking Zone and 53 x 18 inches with a Heat Resistant Parking Zone and Foldable Linen Rack. All Titan Oval Ironing Boards have a Metallic Black frame.

Ice Water Ironing Boards come in 49 x 15 inches with a Steam Iron Rest, 49 x 18 inches with a Solid Steam Unit Holder and 53 x 18 inches with a Silicone Pad. All Ice Water Ironing Boards have a Ivory frame.

Brabantia Ironing Boards come with a 10-year guarantee.